CC ( Qinhe ) QIAN

[Student ASLA]



         Rhode Island School of Design, RISD, USA

         Master of Landscape Architecture


         Sichuan Fine Art Institute, SCFAI, Chongqing, China

         Bachelor of Landscape Architecture  


Landscape Experience

02/2016-now, Teaching Assistant,

                        LDAR 228G-Grad Thesis (Core Studio), RISD, USA

09/2016-12/2016, Research Assistant, 

                              Landscape Architecture Department, RISD, USA

06/2016-08/2016, Summer Internship, 

                              Landscape Architect, Payette, Boston office, USA       

06/2015-07/2015, Summer Internship Design Lab Program, RISD, USA

07/2015-08/2015, Summer Internship, 

                              Landscape Architect, Payette, Boston office, USA

09/2015-12/2015, Teaching Assistant, 

                              LDAR 2201-Design Principle (Core Studio), RISD, USA

02/2016-03/2016, Teaching Assistant, 

                              LDAR W207-Constructed Ground (Core Studio), RISD, USA  

08/2013-07/2014, Junior Designer, 

                              Landscape Architect, AZL Architects, Nanjing, China 


Honor & Awards:

09/2016, ASLA Student Honor Award, USA

01/2016, CIT Department Exhibition, RISD, USA 

               Future Boulevard Studio Project

11/2015, Landscape Departmental Exhibition, RISD, USA

               Site/ Ecology Studio Project

01/2015, CIT Department Exhibition, RISD, USA 

               Design Principle Studio Project

11/2013 The Excellent Prize of the Chinese Environmental Design Contest
             The Gold Prize of the 2nd Chinese Architectural Art ‘Youth Designers’ Contest
             The Gold Prize of the 3rd International Landscape Planning and Design Contest
             Human Care Award of The 9th Chinese Landscape Architecture Graduate Work Exhibition 

             "Life is Going on" Project, Undergraduate.

06/2013, Excellent Graduate Student, Chongqing, China (only 1 in department)

2009-2012, The First Scholarship, SCFAI, China



Landscape Architecture Design ( Ecosystem Design, City Runoff Collection, Landform Design, Parametric Design, Master Planning, Structure Generation, Construction Drawing, Research)

Graphic Design (Data Analysis, Data Visualization)

Digital Media (Arduino, Sensor)

Film (Film Shooting and Editing, Harmonic Sound Editing)


Communication (Fluent English communication and writing)

Leadership (Director of Liaison Department, the Student Union, SCFAI)


Computer Skill

Parametric 3D Modelling - Rhino, Grasshopper, Sketchup

Drafting and Presentation - AutoCAD, ArcGIS, Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Affer Effects, Microsoft Office, Final Cut Pro, Reaper

Computer Graphic, Animation and Virtual Reality - VRay, Lumion, Atlantis